Simon and Mary is a heritage brand for a new generation.

Launched in 2014 by our family of milliners in the business since 1935, Simon and Mary honours the past but is inspired by the contemporary.

Family is in the bones of our business. The factory in Johannesburg stands as it did half a century ago. New designs or classic shapes are made with the same trusted machinery from the ‘60s by experienced machinists whose own children have inherited their skills and now work and grow within the business decades on.

The first Simon and Mary collection was presented on the heads of Johannesburg’s creative class; the brand has always been inseparable from the city. Over the years we’ve partnered with local creative collaborators like Jana+Koos and Trevor Stuurman to tell our story visually.

Simon and Mary has cultivated a community of loyal enthusiasts who, like the brand, uphold individuality, style and the finest quality.

Let the fox be full
and the sheep be whole
- Simon Pozniak